image of our CEO Matt Frenchman, who has spent 3 years in games finance and is obsessed with using data to power finance

Matt Frenchman

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Frenchman, CEO & Cofounder

Matt is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sugar. After 16 years in investment banking at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse, Matt immersed himself in digital finance, specifically within the games ecosystem. He is passionate about bringing fintech to the games and app economy to help great businesses to fly, in a way that doesn’t currently exist. Matt’s favourite games are sports,  hyper-casual (especially merge games) and solitaire (totally addicted).  He only just has the edge over his 11 year old on FIFA, but probably not for long!

picture of dror our cofounder and Cto of sugar, providing finance to the game and app economy

Dror Gensler

CTO & Co-Founder

Dror Gensler, CTO & Cofounder

Dror is the CTO & Co-Founder of Sugar. Dror is a seasoned engineer with a wealth of experience ranging from early stage startups such as Zend Technologies, multinational corporations such as Fujitsu and government organisations. Dror is immensely passionate about innovation and cloud-native technology, leading teams to deliver in an ever leaner and more agile approach. His favourite games are Military Simulations such as Arma and DCS, especially FPS shooters like Counter Strike where he’s been honing his skills for nearly two decades now!

Sasa Joveljic

Lead Data Analyst

Sasa Joveljic, Lead Data Analyst

Sasa is the Lead Data Analyst at Sugar, after spending many years in analytics across multiple industries. Not only has Sasa seen data on hundreds of free to play games, but he loves playing them too – his favourite right now is Epic 7. He even tried his hand at developing games but didn’t have enough money for UA – hence why he feels so strongly about what Sugar is doing. When he isn’t playing games and crunching numbers, he loves weightlifting and athletics where he is working hard to qualify for the English nationals in the shot put event.



picture of Michelle, Sugar's Chief Credit and Risk Officer

Michelle Titcombe-Rogers

Chief Credit & Risk Officer

Michelle Titcombe-Rogers, CCRO

Michelle is the Chief Credit and Risk Officer for Sugar. She spent many years leading and structuring finance at RBS, ABN, Wells Fargo and HSBC. After working on many ground-breaking cross border deals she decided to follow the revolution in to FinTech believing the banking system as a whole needed a shake up. When she isn’t working or digging deeper in to the new world of games, Michelle is a keen hockey player, skier and cyclist and has been known to throw herself out of a plane.

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