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Three years in the making
1,036 client meetings
32 conferences and events
62 investor meetings
190 new games on my iphone!

But who are we, what do we do and what is our vision?

After 16 years in investment banking, I was itching to do something different. Following almost 3 years of working in the games world, I remain astounded by the limited financial services offerings for the digital economy, namely apps and games.

Whether you have to give away equity in your growing (but small-ish) business, beg your bank for credit or apply for grants, we know it’s a challenging road. Taking on a loan can often be a much better option, but the set-up in the tech world hasn’t been great until now.

Sugar is here to change the face of digital financing, a new finance provider for exciting digital clients with games or apps to grow.

We are proud and excited to say that our vision is to be the leading debt solutions provider to the digital economy.

So why Sugar?


Up your





This is exactly why we exist. We help studios to scale their games or apps by providing loans to invest in UA or to fund other areas of growth.

We have three products:

SugarCap: quick and pain-free lending to significantly scale your UA campaigns

SugarBoost: early access to your digital store revenues to help your cashflow 

SugarFlow: advance financing of your VGTR refund so you can manage your outgoings

We know that spending on UA is crucial, but not everyone has the big studio budget, even if your game or apps are just as good!  Quite simply, if you are buying users for $1 on Facebook and making $1.50 back in revenues and you wish you could spend five times as much, Sugar is for you. We analyse your metrics, we make quick decisions and we want to back the games with the biggest potential. We can boost your UA reach and it’s much easier than you might think.

We can also advance you money stuck at the digital stores or ad networks, which is often another pain point for studios.

We have a quicker and more efficient onboarding system than other providers, a seamless lending process and a deep grasp of what data and technology makes your game or app tick. This makes us an ideal partner for clients looking to scale quickly.

We’re here to support anyone who needs help with their day to day cashflow or a big digital marketing spend boost. Our finance can take you much further than you ever thought possible.

Above all else, and a fundamental Sugar value, we are easy to work with and our products enable our clients to grow without financial pain. We understand the entire digital ecosystem, so we can be an unbiased adviser. We know which attribution and analytics systems are best for your needs, which marketing channels, lawyers and accountants. You name it, we have seen it all and can give you a recommendation and make an introduction. So we’re not only here to give you money; we can help with other key parts of your business too.

We have a long and exciting road ahead and we won’t rest until we have financed as many game and app studios globally as possible.

If you want to accelerate your growth or are considering your options, please drop us a line at  or follow us on twitter below – we are looking forward to chatting.

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