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Optimise your cashflow

SugarFlow gives you quick access to your digital store revenues so you can focus on making games and apps!

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Boost your marketing

SugarBoost provides funds to significantly increase UA without taking equity from your business.

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Get all the help you can

Video Game Tax Relief is a refund from the UK government to help incentivise studios to make great games. It can take up to several months before your refund will appear on your bank account. SugarCap advances your VGTR so that you can quickly put the money back into your business.

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The Studio:   Glowmade is a Guildford-based console and PC game studio. They make games to unlock people’s imagination and help them express themselves in

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Matchingham Games

The Studio:   Matchingham Games is an experienced UK-based, free-to-play mobile games studio with a strong  casual games DNA –  most notably Braindom which has

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Another Place

The Studio: Another Place is a London-based, free-to-play, mobile games studio, with a strong  RPG DNA –  notably with BattleHand (Editor’s Choice!) – but currently

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