Sugar is two!

Sugar is two years old! To mark this milestone, our CEO Matt Frenchman reflects on the past two years, from how it all began to what we’ve learned along the way. Let’s start at the beginning. How did Sugar start? It was a happy accident. I left banking and fell into games by complete chance. […]

5 Mins with Matt, our CEO

Our CEO fell out of love with banking and into games, where he discovered he could make a difference to the digital economy. Find out more about Matt’s aims for Sugar and how he tackles work and play. Tell Sugar readers a bit about your background. I’m a lifelong Londoner although I very nearly moved […]

How to develop a successful UA strategy for mobile games

A thorough user acquisition strategy is essential to scaling up your game and business. UA is the process of acquiring new players and direct installs, with the goal of maximum growth and a positive return on investment. We explore eight ways to improve your UA strategy. Understand your players. Identifying the common characteristics of your […]

LevelUp2021: Insights for founders and games studios

Hands holding a phone with a mobile game

We attended LevelUp2021, a massive online event focusing on the mobile games industry, put together by ironSource – a business platform for mobile content creators – and Deconstructor of Fun – the #1 site for games professionals. We came away with a few words of wisdom from the best minds in the industry, which we […]

Is crowdfunding the best way to finance your game?

Crowdfunding is a popular way for creators to finance their video games and make their ideas a reality. Video games align well with crowdfunding because the campaign is like a game. There are goals to reach and rewards to achieve in return for investing time and money. Many well known video games began as a […]

What has happened?

We can not believe it is almost June already, for those of us in the UK it still feels like late October due to the terrible weather. It is safe to say that Spring has not yet sprung the way we had hoped. We wanted to reflect on some of the trends and events from […]

“I’ve launched, my metrics are great, now I need money to scale up”

Imagine this. Your game or app went into soft launch, you spend several weeks or even months optimising your metrics. Everything is now coming together and your KPI’s look great. That’s the goal right – but now what? When you have great metrics and your marketing tests look promising, the next logical step will be […]

Thinking ahead! A few tips to increase your chances for success.

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.” Amelia Earhart We talk to a lot of studios in the pre-launch stage and questions about possible marketing strategies and tips often come up. We are always happy to help and even though we are not experts we have noticed that the most successful […]

Don’t crack open the Champagne just yet!

a busy picture, suggesting overcoming a challenge which is what we had to think about while hiring and growing our fintech startup

Six months ago we had closed our seed round and I was running around my house with a huge smile on my face. It was September 2020 – the world was a tough place and not many people were getting deals done. It’s been a rollercoaster ever since and I want to share our honest […]

When do I get paid?

Everything you wanted to know about your revenues, payment terms and how you can get your money sooner.   Do you find yourself craving payday? It’s often the same feeling for a studio waiting for their own revenues to hit the bank. The more we talk to game studios, the more we feel the pain […]

Case Study: Glowmade

Glowmade the game studio featured in our case study who we helped to grow with our game finance

Read about how we helped Glowmade to grow.   The Studio:   Glowmade is a Guildford-based console and PC game studio. They make games to unlock people’s imagination and help them express themselves in wonderful, fun ways. The studio launched in 2015 and their first game was WonderWorlds. They’re working on something very fun launching […]

Retention, Retention, Retention…

picture showing people checking retention metric sas the build their ua finance and game scaling up

  Whats the best game metric to focus on? This is a big, big question. In the alphabet soup of metrics, which do you think is the most useful? Which is the most poignant, the biggest indicator of whether your game is a hit or not?    If there was a “Top 10 Chart of […]