Imagine this. Your game or app went into soft launch, you spend several weeks or even months optimising your metrics. Everything is now coming together and your KPI’s look great. That’s the goal right – but now what?

When you have great metrics and your marketing tests look promising, the next logical step will be to try and scale-up. To increase your user base you will have to spend money on marketing and UA. The challenge here is to have the skills, enough UA funding, and the financial flexibility to move quickly and to achieve your goals.

We’re not UA experts but we know great agencies, helpful platforms, and highly skilled UA people. We are always happy to make helpful introductions. Where we can absolutely add immediate value is on the UA finance side. We provide finance for the games and app world and we know this sector inside out. Sugar is integrated into the whole ecosystem to make the journey for our clients super simple. Scale-up funding should not be difficult! We have a team who love games & apps and we pride ourselves on a very quick sign-up process (our quickest yet from intro to funding is 24 hours but we’re always trying to do better).



The lay of the finance land

To understand how we can help it’s worth knowing what your UA finance options are. Traditionally the following things are available to you as a studio. A) Bank loan or overdraft, B) VC funding, C) a grant of some sort, or D) credit cards.If you want to move fast and get funded by people who understand your company then these may not be your best bets

Firstly let’s look at a bank loan or overdraft. This will require a lot of paperwork, probably 2-3 months of due diligence on the bank’s part and even then you may not get approved. It may also require security or some kind of a personal guarantee which essentially puts all of your personal assets at risk. Most banks also do not fully understand the tech and game industry and want you to pay a tonne of admin fees to get the ball rolling.

VC funding is great for the long run and they bring not only money but also expertise, experience, and a big network. But when it comes to UA the VC route probably isn’t the best way to go, VC funding can take 4-6 months to put in place. A good marketing campaign can be time-sensitive as you need to be able to jump on opportunities and follow the data.
On top of the time commitment, it costs you a large amount of equity in your business. This means that in return for investment, a VC will want a share of your company. We think that makes total sense when you’re building and scaling your team (and we stress the added expertise and experience is very valuable), however for UA finance where the payback is short (3-9 months) that is too high a price to pay.

Grants have very limited appeal if you want our honest opinion. They’re small, take months to process, and involve a lot of administrative work. If you have a great game and are ambitious (we love studios like that!) then a grant won’t get you very far at all.

And finally the dreaded credit cards. It’s just too dangerous if you ask us. Credit cards are fine for a team night out or a new office coffee machine but should be avoided for scaling UA. Some do go down this route but it’s not good for your credit scores if it goes wrong and they will never give you enough money to scale.



Add a little Sugar

Our added value is that we have both SugarFlow and SugarBoost to help you. Both products are automated, integrated with the banking world and game & tech industry so that we can give you a decision extremely quickly. We work with all sorts of companies, from small indie developers to big publishers. When a great opportunity presents itself and your metrics are great, many companies can use more flexibility in their cash flow.

SugarFlow gives you instant access to your locked-up revenues to immediately recycle cash back into your business. You don’t need to worry about when Apple, Google, or Playstation pay out your revenues. You will never be forced to slow down your marketing activity while you wait for your money to appear in your bank account. We can give you your earned revenues right away so you can take full advantage of your metrics and momentum. This is ideal if you want a quick boost or are still testing a few different campaigns out.

Once you’ve reached amazing KPIs and just want to pour rocket fuel on your UA then SugarBoost is the product for you. We want to help you ramp up your growth, our goals are completely aligned, we only get paid back from your future revenues. Our automated platform means you can get UA finance in days. No personal guarantees, no equity, no faff – just tech-friendly funding to get you moving.

Why not try us out and see how we can get you funded and help you scale up quickly?

If you want to chat, please do not hesitate to reach out!