picture of another place studios who we financed to help them grow

The Studio:

Another Place is a London-based, free-to-play, mobile games studio, with a strong  RPG DNA –  notably with BattleHand (Editor’s Choice!) – but currently focused on hyper casual games. The studio first launched in 2013 and has big ambitions.


The Challenge:

Another Place’s mission is to deliver fun and engaging mobile games of the highest possible quality. As they scaled their hyper casual titles and had several high potential games in test at the same time, they needed cash reserves to ensure they were ready to accelerate when a game was ready to scale.


The Solution:

“We were introduced to Sugar by someone we trust in the VC space and loved their fully transparent approach to finance. We partnered with them and borrowed funds to get access to our VGTR refund early. It has allowed us to keep building games, do more concurrent tests, whilst remaining in a solid financial position for scale.”


The Experience:

“From the start, they made the process easy, which allowed us to stay focused on what we do best – making games. They know the space inside out, so they understood exactly what we needed and how to get it done quickly. ”


The Result:

“We received our money efficiently and three months ahead of time, which boosted our cash reserves and allowed us to keep momentum on building games and doing performance testing” 


What Another Place say about us:

“Sugar really took the pain out of finance. A bank or other provider would have taken weeks and weeks, if not months, to get this done. In fact throughout the whole process, it always felt that the outcome would be successful which isn’t a given in the banking world! Giving away equity often seems like the only option, but Sugar offers much cleaner solutions. We’d highly recommend Sugar as a finance partner.”  Jeremie Texier, CEO Another Place Productions


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